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An app for handling pet first aid
Well, somebody's gonna be sick.

Remember the day your cocker spaniel drank half a gallon of dish detergent? Or the time your Maine Coon cat started choking on a Lego?

Not knowing what to do during a pet emergency can be scary. And it’s not exactly like the little guy can tell you, “Don’t worry. That raspberry torte I got into isn’t actually lethal.”

That’s why we’re immediately installing Pet First Aid ($0.99), a new app from the American Red Cross.

Upon downloading, you can easily toggle between the cat and dog sections (sorry, guinea pig owners) and then look up common emergencies and proper care.

Say you think your dog might have a beesting. Head to the “allergic reactions” section to learn about and see pictures of sting and bite symptoms (swelling around the eyes, bumps on the face). Then tap for authoritative to-dos (don’t try to remove the stinger; call your vet if the hives progress).

The app includes handy tutorials on administering medications and taking a pet’s vitals (we found the “how to determine dehydration” entry particularly useful) and a super-helpful section for locating pet-friendly hotels.

After all, isn’t the greatest emergency a Holiday Inn that won’t accept your four Siamese kittens?

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