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Bikram (or “hot”) yoga is cathartically detoxifying--as in, you’ll literally sweat everything out of your system. But if you can’t take the sweltering temps and nose-wrinkling odors, there’s a new option: Modo yoga, an up-and-coming Bikram offshoot for yogis who prefer dewy and invigorating to drenched and exhausting.

There are a handful of studios currently in the U.S.--and 15 more set to open by the end of the year. Here’s what to know before you go:

You’re still going to sweat. While Bikram studios are kept at a scorching 105 degrees, Modo yoga is slightly less steamy at around 95 to 100 degrees (trust us, those few degrees make a big difference). Plus, you can take water breaks, which are usually discouraged in Bikram classes, whenever you want.

Practice doesn’t have to be perfect. Modo is welcoming to yogis of all levels, even newcomers. Instructors encourage modifications so everyone feels comfortable--and nobody is forced to do a Half Moon she’s not ready for. Also, there’s no chanting or “oms,” if that kind of thing weirds you out.

You gotta go with the flow. Modo yoga may be more flexible than Bikram, but it’s no free-for-all. You’re still expected to go through all 40 poses (as opposed to Bikram’s 26), and the instructors are definitely there to push you to your limits.

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