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We American women love our cars. From get-around-town two-seaters to highway-hugging sedans, we count on them to get us where we want to go safely--ideally, with a dash of fun and style.

The just-launched website Vroom Girls understands this and wants to make our vehicular experience as pleasurable as possible. Edited by Tara Weingarten, a former Newsweek car columnist, the site promises to answer every question we ever had about cars--as well as a few we didn't know to ask.

Easy to navigate, Vroom Girls has articles on practical matters such as winterizing your wheels, driving manual transmission and how to conduct a proper test-drive. It also includes reviews of dozens of new autos and a Q&A column with useful answers to questions such as one from a reader desperate to downsize from an SUV yet still have off-road capabilities. Plus, a series of road-trip itineraries give tips on where to stop for, say, great food on Arizona off-ramps and super shopping in the Pacific Northwest.

Columnist and comedy writer Janis Hirsch's story on our secret guilty pleasure--eating while driving--has us particularly hungry for more.

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