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We?re not embarrassed to admit it: It took us, like, five years to fully ?get? hashtags.

But now that we?re pros at #tbt (that?s Throwback Thursday, for you newbies) and #foodporn (that?s, um, food that makes you drool), we understand the utility of grouping social media posts by an identifying marker. It?s basically like the comprehensive index at the back of a reeeeally long book.

Our new hashtag obsession? Searching for breaking news stories by hashtags like #polarvortex or #sotu (State of the Union) or #breakingbad. (Still.)

That?s why we?re so taken with Hshtags, a new website for searching hashtags across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo and Flickr.

Say you want to know what people are saying about Groundhog Day. Simply go to Hshtags and plug in #groundhogday or #punxsutawneyphil or #billmurray. Every post that?s tagged that way will instantly appear, though you can also filter by platform (Facebook, Twitter and so on) or post type (text, picture or video).

We love the idea of doing a mass search to quickly gauge the Internet?s take on something specific. Plus, it?ll never not be funny to plug in #deportbieber and see what comes up.

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