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We?ve established that Candy Crush is fun. But perhaps the $35 you?ve racked up in charges (and have nothing to show for) would have been better spent somewhere else? Yeah, probably.

So we?re recommending one of two things: an intervention or the new game SeeWord.

We know what you?re thinking. There are plenty of free apps to play when you?re bored or in line at the grocery store. But what makes SeeWord worthwhile is that it secretly challenges your mind.

Set up to look like a word search, the game has a simple concept: Slide the letter tiles to create a word. The tricky part is that you have only three moves to make it happen. As wordsmiths ourselves, we thought we would effectuate with ease (see what we did there?). But to put it into perspective, we scored 60 points. High-level players rank in the hundreds.

The app was designed by a group of friends in order to aid a family member suffering from a brain tumor who needed help recalling and recognizing words. But what they found is that the game is actually quite entertaining.

And the story gets even sweeter: All the proceeds go to the Thompson-Mason Brain Cancer Foundation. So it?s not really cheating if we decide to ?boost? our points a bit. Right?

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