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LinkedIn?s new volunteer arm
Board membership has its benefits.

Dear LinkedIn,

Thank you for turning the daunting task of career networking into a painless, schmooze-free endeavor. (Did we mention we found our last two jobs and one too-good-to-be-true accountant amidst your humble pages?)

But now you’ve taken it one step further: You’re helping us leverage our professional skills for social good.

Presenting (tabletop drumroll, please)... LinkedIn’s new volunteer marketplace.

Here’s how it works: Add the Volunteer Experience & Causes section to your LinkedIn profile, then enter information about the organizations you support and pro bono positions that most interest you. (Haven’t you always wanted to be a board member for the Met? Couldn’t your extensive copywriting skills be used to help kids in need?). From there, you can browse volunteer opportunities in your area of expertise, apply for relevant positions or simply wait for organizations to contact you.

We love the idea that job skills you already have (say, graphic design or project management) can go toward a good cause, but LinkedIn’s volunteer section is also a useful tool for nonprofits--in a recent study, 92 percent reported a need for more skilled volunteers.

Plus, as far as social media goes, it’s definitely a refreshing antidote to that five-hundredth picture of your morning latte you were about to Instagram. (#itsokstillsendit)

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