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Our undying admiration goes out to the woman who hasn?t dropped her cell phone into the toilet. But for those of us more prone to watery mishaps, we?ve got good news: There?s now a magic box that will dry out your phone and return it to its virginal pre-toilet state.

DryBox is a microwave-size appliance that is kind of like the world?s smartest vacuum. Just stick your phone inside, wait 25 minutes and behold as every bit of moisture is sucked out. In most cases, the result is a good-as-new phone.

For the time being, DryBox is available at only a handful of phone stores nationwide, which basically means that when your phone gets wet, you have to stop what you?re doing and bring it in for service.

That said, you have about 36 hours after the soggy incident to get to a DryBox location. Just be sure to power down the device, take out the battery and, for the love of God, don?t put the phone in a bowl of rice!

Most DryBox retailers charge $40 for the service, provided they?re able to get your phone working again. If they can?t? You won?t be charged a dime.

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