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Virtually design your home with Adornably
That looks about right.

Figuring out how a new painting would look above your new living-room sofa? Easy. Figuring out how a new sofa would look in your living room? A little more complicated (for you and your lower back).

Until now. Introducing Adornably.

An iPad-only app that takes the guesswork (and heavy lifting) out of feng shui-ing your space, Adornably lets you virtually redesign a room using its digital furniture inventory and a swipe of your finger.

How it works: Download the free app and choose the room you’d like to revamp. Next, snap a few photos of the room (the app will prompt you what to shoot) and put on your HGTV hat.

We chose our living room and decided to add two Vanguard armchairs ($1,575 each) and a wood-topped coffee table ($1,695) around our sofa. We adjusted all the furniture to scale and were impressed by how realistic it looked.

As of yet, you can’t add your own images (of, say, that Calvin Klein chandelier you’ve been coveting), but the app’s selection of clean and modern furniture from Stanley, Vanguard and Theodore Alexander worked for our aesthetic. The pieces are updated weekly, so you can keep virtually redecorating until your design thumb tires.

Once you’re satisfied, purchase the furniture directly from the app or simply save your plans and use them as proof that a reading nook totally works off the kitchen.

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