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Learn to macramé. Watch Dexter. Bake your own cronuts. There are so many things you’d love to do, if only you had a little more time.

Here to help is Velocity ($3), a new iOS 7 app that teaches you to speed-read and hence waste less time sloughing through that 15-page New Yorker piece.

The idea behind Velocity is that we all could be 500-words-a-minute readers, if only we stopped listening to the voice in our head that reads at roughly the same speed as we speak (about 200 words a minute).

In order to force you to read faster, Velocity shows you articles on your iPhone or iPad screen one word at a time at an increasingly faster pace--and you’d be surprised by how easy it is to keep up.

As for what you’re reading, you can choose from articles on the Web or queue up your own to access whenever. Then, when you’re ready to dip into that hard-hitting celebrity exposé, Velocity will start flashing words at you at a 500-words-a-minute pace, and you can adjust said speed to go faster or slower as needed.

The coolest part? Once you’ve established your base speed, Velocity will tell you how long it will take you to read any article before you begin.

All of which helps you better budget for that cronut-making endeavor.

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