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You already know you’re great behind the wheel. (What? That stop sign came out of nowhere!) But sometimes you wish you had a driving assistant. You know, someone who’s a mix of your father, your mechanic and Click and/or Clack.

That person, it turns out, is not a person at all, but the Automatic ($100)--a tiny gadget that plugs into your car and reports back on your driving habits and overall automotive health.

Get started by downloading the app. Then insert the Automatic into your car’s data port (found under the steering wheel on every car made since 1996).

Every time you go for a drive, the Automatic will measure things like your fuel efficiency, speed and acceleration, and give you a performance score (we got a 95 out of 100) and gentle driving suggestions. It wants us to ease up on the brakes, in case you were wondering.

The Automatic also contacts the local authorities if you’re ever in a crash and helps you understand why that mysterious “check engine” light might have gone on. (It saved us a trip to the mechanic by suggesting we tighten our gas cap.)

The coolest feature, though? This genius device remembers where you parked, even if you don’t have a clue.

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