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TaxiMe knows how much your cab will cost
Know your cab fare. (But maybe wear a jacket.)

We firmly believe there’s a special place reserved for women who refuse to pick up other women from the airport. (Really, best friend since middle school? You expect us to take the shuttle?)

Fortunately, there’s good news for folks who begrudgingly need to hail a cab: TaxiMe, a new Web and iPhone app that predicts fares and distances in just about any U.S. city.

Say you have to go from the Syracuse airport to your cousin’s place in nearby Chittenango. Simply open TaxiMe and plug in your starting and ending locations. The app will then use standard city rates as well as current weather conditions and traffic patterns to determine how long the journey will take (31 minutes) and how much you should expect to pay ($44.90). You’ll then see a list of local cab companies, all available for immediate pickup.

TaxiMe is currently optimized in some 45 cities, but we’ve tried it all over the country with extremely reliable results.

That said, we’re definitely crossing our fingers for a TaxiMe move to the international market, where scams and miscommunications are more likely to occur. (We once paid an Italian cabbie $90 for a seven-block ride--not that we’re bitter or anything.)

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