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The Internet is a wonderful (and overwhelming) place filled with millions of things we'd love to read/watch/ogle, if we only had more time. Luckily, there are now more ways than ever to save Web ephemera directly from your toolbar. Below, the three we find most useful:

Instapaper We used to email ourselves links. Then we discovered this smart, free Web tool that lets you bookmark pages--it's as easy as clicking "read later"--and come back to them anytime. You can even organize saved Web pages into folders or send articles directly to a Google Reader RSS feed.

Radbox Don't have time to watch that talking twins video the minute your sister forwards it to you? Save it in your free Radbox account for viewing later. Kind of like TiVo for the Internet, Radbox "records" videos from across myriad sites--YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.--for accessing from one handy queue.

Pinterest Essentially a mood board for the modern age, this website enables you to save and share all the beautiful things you find online. Users create pinboards--say, for an upcoming party or bedroom redecoration--to which they add images from across the Web and share with others for opinions or inspiration.

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