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Repeat after us: There is no health gadget that can replace a doctor.

But in the era of the Fitbit and Jawbone, there are devices that can help you track your health and measure your improvement.

Case in point: Tinke ($119), a tiny “ultra-light biofeedback” device that plugs into your iPhone and scans your thumbprint to measure your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, heart rhythm and respiratory rate.

You read that right. It reads your thumbprint for real-time wellness stats.

But what to do with all this data? Well, the corresponding Tinke app breaks it down into two wellness figures--Vita (your vital statistics) and Zen (your breathing and stress levels)--so you can easily see how you’re doing in terms of mind and body and make adjustments accordingly.

After a particularly stressful day, for instance, we weren’t scoring too great: Our Zen level was at 36 out of 99 (75 or more is considered relaxed) and our heart was racing at a whopping 88 beats per minute. (Maybe we shoulda skipped that fourth latte...)

Tinke suggested some calming exercise, so we hit up an evening yoga class. Afterward, we were pleased to see that our heart rate had declined to 70 and our overall Zen level had jumped up to an encouraging 63.

The next day? We were all about the decaf.

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