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For years, Hollywood's shortest men have overcome their vertical limitations with height-enhancing insoles that fit discreetly in their shoes.

And now we, too, can take advantage of this sneaky cheat with LiftKits for Chicks.

Stick these light-weight neoprene wedges inside your flats (they're best worn with boots, but basically work with any shoes with ankle support) and an extra inch of height is instantly added ? without anyone knowing they're there.

They're perfect for looking svelte in fall's trendy equestrian boots, since they provide all the slimming benefits of higher shoes (like defined calf and glute muscles and improved posture) minus the requisite foot pain.

Although we love using them as a comfy alternative to wearing pumps, LiftKits were originally developed by a former male model for the short-guy celebrity set. In other words, feel free to (subtly) mention the men's line to any of your Cruise-size gentlemen friends.

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