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How to make the most of your lipstick
Hey, lighten up (with a little lip balm).

While it?s hard nearly impossible to deny a Sephora spree, this year we?re on a mission to cut back a bit. In lieu of scooping up a brand-new lipstick, here?s how to repurpose what you already have.

Mix and match So that bright coral you sported all summer...let?s just say it looks a lot better with a tan. But wait, don?t throw it out! Instead, tone down coral with a darker red to create a rosy hue. Stuck with a dramatic plum that?s too dark on its own? Add a swipe of hot pink to soften the look.

Make use of ChapStick Some days call for color, but not necessarily a full-blown red lip. When you?re in a pinch, try dotting on lipstick and promptly connecting the dots (blending) with a moisturizing lip balm.

Go matte Let?s save the glossy pout for the tweens. Create a matte finish by applying pressed powered onto your lips between coats of lipstick. This not only dulls the sheen but also helps your shade last longer.

Speaking of long-lasting Forget gimmicky formulas. The best way to fudge-proof your lipstick? Lip liner. Fill in the entire surface of your lips with a liner that matches your lipstick, layer on said lipstick and bring on the morning (and afternoon) coffee.

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