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?Tis the season of giving, and the FAA is giving one of the best gifts of all. Come December 2013, all portable devices (Kindles, cell phones, iPads and the like) will be approved for use during the entire duration of a flight. Huzzah!

In celebration, here?s a list of things you can now do during takeoff and landing:

Listen Oh, you?ve been taxiing on the runway for 45 minutes? Instead of practicing your evil eye on the guy snoring next to you, get geared up for takeoff with this upbeat playlist featuring songs from the Steve Miller Band's "Jet Airliner" (obviously) to Beyoncé's "Love on Top."

Read Take your mind off the imminent ascent and read up on the 12 reasons air travel is the safest mode of transportation (sigh of relief).

Play Meet your newest addiction: Dots. This iPhone app is going to make your flight a breeze...just don't run out of battery.

Watch Got WiFi? In lieu of starting Moonrise Kingdom for the millionth time, check out Wes Anderson?s quirky short film for Prada. And if all else fails, there?s always this video.

Call Ahead (Sort Of) While you still can?t call your sister to pick you up from the airport, you can book a car on Uber using in-flight WiFi. Ah, the powers of technology.

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