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Five years ago you got him a tie (boring). Then there was that brew-your-own-beer kit (that’s still sitting in the closet). And he’s still talking about last December, when you presented him with a wall organizer (you know...for all those ties?).

OK, so maybe you need to step it up this year.

Here’s a thought: Instead of giving him something he’ll use only a quarter of the time (or never), why not give him a gift you’ll both enjoy every single night?

Meet this year’s ultimate present, the Tempur-Pedic® mattress. Made from responsive TEMPUR® material, a Tempur-Pedic® mattress is king when it comes to personalized comfort. The body-conforming support means fewer pressure points, while minimal motion transfer (he moves, the bed doesn’t) aids in a much sounder sleep.

Whether a full-on bedroom makeover is in your budget or you’d rather start small with a new set of pillows, take a look at the Tempur-Pedic holiday gift guide for a pile of comfy gift-giving ideas.

Less tossing and turning? Well, that’s our gift to you.

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