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iCitizen wants you to be more informed
It's OK if you'd rather watch "House Hunters" than C-Span.

We took eighth-grade government. We know that voting is our civic duty (and we would never miss an opportunity to get that sticker).

Yet last week’s election had us spinning: We’re confident as to where we stand on key issues, but it feels almost impossible to be equally informed about everything on the ballot. What’s a “land exchange proposition” anyway?

That’s where the iCitizen app comes in.

Here’s how it works: After you download the app (currently available for iPhone; an Android version is on the way), iCitizen gives you the ability to “follow” current issues, much like you follow someone on Twitter. Related news stories on those topics will then automatically populate your iCitizen feed (again, much like Twitter), so you’ll never miss a beat on the current Obamacare debate.

That’s not all. Ever wonder who foots the bill for cash-guzzling campaigns? Or how your favorite (and not-so-favorite) pols have voted on recent legislation? iCitizen increases transparency by revealing all possible information on your federal and local elected officials. Simply search a representative to find his or her committees, recent votes and even social media handles--should you need to air your grievances.

We already use our phones for everything, so why not rock the vote in between rounds of that particularly difficult level of Candy Crush?

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