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Book a one-of-a-kind experience on your next vacation
Fijian kings cast the best lines.

Your trusty Fodor?s knows about many fantastic vacation experiences.

Fishing with a Fijian king is not one of them.

For crazy-cool travel opportunities like that one, we turn to Vayable, a new website for finding and booking totally unique (and occasionally off-the-wall) local experiences.

Essentially operating like an Airbnb for activities, Vayable matches curious travelers (e.g., you) with thoroughly vetted, English-speaking escorts in cities around the world. But these aren?t just run-of-the-mill, umbrella-touting tour guides. These are honest-to-goodness local insiders--or, you know, South Pacific royalty--who just so happen to be experts in kinda bonkers stuff.

So what can you do? Well, you can sign up for a behind-the-scenes Bollywood tour in Mumbai ($135, and you get to attend a live filming!). Or you and six pals can go in on a Northern Italy herb-foraging hike and cooking class ($400). Or you can finally get your husband that 90-minute Ninja-training session he?s always wanted ($150, nunchucks included).

To get started, simply hop on the site, plug in where you want to go and browse the seemingly endless list of activities.

Now as for that Fijian king, we hear he?s great at knowing the best spots to find Spanish mackerel.

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