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Earn money for charity by browsing the Web
Donate to those in need just by browsing the Web.

Using the Internet is kind of like blinking; you’re not particularly aware of the fact that you’re doing it.

So what if such a mindless activity could actually help those less fortunate?

Now it can, thanks to Goodsearch, a little-known search engine powered by Yahoo.

Begin by signing up and designating your favorite charity (anything from the American Cancer Society to the ASPCA to your local soup kitchen). If you don’t see the one you’re after, you can register it with a few easy steps.

From then on, whenever you use the site, Goodsearch will donate 50 percent of the search advertiser revenue to your designated worthy cause--about a penny per search.

Watch the pennies multiply as you “background check” a babysitter, try to find pictures of “weird rash on elbow” or cave to the latest must-see Internet sensation. Or earn money at a quicker pace by buying products through Goodsearch’s retail arm, Goodshop. There, some 2,800 online stores (Amazon, CB2, Sephora) will donate anywhere from 1 to 30 percent of your total purchase amount to the charity of your choice.

Added incentive for putzing around online? Twist our arm.

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