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Remember the time you were one episode behind on Mad Men and your stupid Facebook frenemy announced to the entire world that Don Draper had just [insert small but significant misogynist act here]?

That was the worst, right?

Now there’s a way to prevent yourself from seeing such salient reveals before you’re ready. It’s called Unspoiler, and it’s kind of genius.

Unspoiler is a free Chrome app that basically blocks unwanted content from hitting your computer screen. (In case you’re unclear, Chrome is an amazing Web browser, and you can get it here.)

Once you’ve downloaded Unspoiler, click the “UN” button in your toolbar and type in the words you don’t want to see--anything from “Olivia Pope” to “Game of Thrones” to “New York Knicks.” From there on out, Unspoiler will check any Web page you visit for potential spoilers and cover the offending material with a big red banner. You can click to save the redacted text for later (you do eventually want to know what Entertainment Weekly thought of Walking Dead) or immediately uncover any stuff you decide you need to read right away.

Now take your fingers out of your ears and quit singing “la-la-la.”

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