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You know standing up straight makes you feel taller, thinner and more confident. And yet you continue to slouch lower and lower in your desk chair. (Admit it: You sometimes sorta look like this.)

Luckily, there?s a new remedy for the posture impaired: the LumoBack ($150).

The Lumo is a comfortable, thin strap that wraps around your lower back and is easily concealed under your shirt (though you still might not want to wear a skin-tight leotard). As you go about your day, the Lumo tracks your posture and sends the data to its corresponding iPhone app--including how erect you stand and sit (a little stick-figure dude mimics your position), how long your slouching sessions last and what your sleep habits look like. We spend 56 percent of the night on our back, in case you were wondering.

In real time, the app displays how well you?re doing, and a gentle buzz of the belt alerts slouchers that it?s time to perk up. A posture score of zero to 100 is assessed, with 100 being perfectly straight and 50 considered ?good.?

Scrolling through the daily data is oddly empowering (?I stood up 55 times and walked 7.27 miles!?), and seeing improvement in your ?straight time? will certainly leave you standing a little taller.

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