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We recently tried to get iOS 7--you know, the upgrade for the iPhone? And it was kind of like attempting to squeeze a size-12 body into a size-4 dress.

The bloated culprit? Our phone, which was so full of junk that it didn?t have the necessary storage space to hold Apple?s buzzy new operating system. But try as we might to slim down, we just couldn?t see deleting any of the 1,565 photos we?d taken of our 6-year-old. (Her future modeling agent will probably want to see them, right?)

So we downloaded Loom.

Loom is a cloud-based app that stores your photos and videos on your behalf--and frees up a ridiculous amount of space on your phone.

Get started by uploading all of your existing photos and videos to your free Loom account. (Full disclosure: The one-time process took us about three hours.) After that, every photo you take will be saved to Loom automatically, and you can access them anytime from your phone or Web browser.

Loom gives you 5 GB of free storage (i.e., probably more than you?ll need), and we love the sleek design and intuitive organization.

But the real coup was all the empty space we suddenly acquired. Plenty of room to download that fancy iOS 7, you?ll be pleased to know.

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