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Knife Blocks
Clockwise from left: Knife blocks from Wusthof, Bodum, Oji Masanori and Schaschlik

So, you finally shelled out for fancy cooking knives, and now you're slicing and dicing like a pro. But why are you still stashing them in the drawer? Below, three new ways to store your blades in style.

Slotted Traditional blocks get a high-design makeover with the help of gorgeous materials. We love Oji Masanori's brass-and-cherry-wood knife keeper ($300) and SIDD's inlaid-maple Tilt ($60), both of which could pass for works of abstract sculpture. We also found many gorgeous handmade options on Etsy, ranging from a custom sunset design ($198) to a reclaimed wooden rack ($40).

Skewer-stuffed When we first discovered this Austrian-designed "Schaschlik" ($125), we weren't quite sure what to make of it. Then we started seeing more knife blocks that were filled with skewers or plastic sticks, allowing users to stab in knives for safe and handy storage. We particularly like the inexpensive and durable Bodum version ($45).

Magnetic We've all seen magnetic knife strips, but upright blocks take the stick-to-it concept even further. Wüsthof's beechwood stand ($290) lets you store knives on the outside of a wooden block, while these colorful magnetic versions ($110) are a fun way to brighten up a kitchen.

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