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Three ways to discover new music
Because it's not illegal to want to dance.

You have got to stop listening to “Wrecking Ball” on repeat, woman.

To discover some less-expected tunes, try these three under-the-radar streaming services--all totally free and just as easy to use as Spotify or Pandora.

To set the mood Need the perfect jams for a rainy day or a profoundly funky dance party? Songza’s team of journalists, critics, DJs and musicians curates playlists for just about any mood or event. We personally can’t stop listening to the seasonally appropriate sweater weather mix.

To set the time period Remember your freshman year of college? Yeah, it’s kind of a haze for us too. But thanks to you can now stream a radio station from that year. Just tune the site’s old-timey radio dial to the era of your choice (anything from the ’20s through today) and commence your jitterbug or twerk down memory lane.

To up your hipness quotient Still not sure who Skrillex is (or how to pronounce his/her/its name)? Get in the loop by listening to Hype Machine, a website and app that aggregates the most-talked-about music from the most-respected blogs. Then wow your music-geek pals by casually mentioning the newest Lorde/Shaun Frank remix. (Overrated, dontcha think?)

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