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There are two kinds of pet owners in this world: those who think domesticated animals are swell, and those who would gladly forgo human interaction to spend an evening knitting a Christmas sweater for Sir Wagsalot.

If you fall into (or near) that second category, then you might consider Petcube, a new gadget that lets you stay connected to your pet from afar.

Essentially a robot/nanny-cam hybrid, the four-inch aluminum cube lives in your home and covertly records all of your little guy’s activities (which you can stream in real time on your phone).

The coolest feature, however, has to be the ability to communicate with your pet via the built-in speaker system and laser pointer. If you see him chewing something forbidden, you can yell at him to drop it. If you think he needs some exercise, you can point a little red dot around the room for him to chase. If you’re worried about a home invasion, you can set a push notification to alert you to any loud noises. And you can always just check in to see what he’s up to throughout the day. (Napping? You don’t say.)

The Petcube is expected to retail for $199 when it launches in 2014, but may we suggest preordering it now on Kickstarter for a mere $99?

Not that you could put a price on your interspecies relationship, of course.

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