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At work, at home, at the hairdresser?s: Being listened to is kinda the Holy Grail. And it?s what separates stellar customer service from frustrating interactions. (What part of ?I?d like a trim? made her decide to give you Betty Page bangs?)

That?s reason number 912 why you?ll love Hyatt, the hotel chain that actually takes your feedback and listens.

You said you felt stranded after forgetting to pack your curling iron/nail polish remover/phone charger. Hyatt now has these items on hand through its new private delivery service, Hyatt Has It.

You said you were sick of eating peanut butter ?energy? bars while on the road. Hyatt is thrilled to announce its new thoughtfully sourced, carefully served menu offerings--think smaller portions and the ability to create and personalize your meals.

You said you needed shampoo that you?d actually want to use when traveling. Hyatt upgraded its bath amenities to include lotions and potions that meet your standards, including KenetMD Skin Care and June Jacobs soaps.

You asked. Hyatt listened. Now if only you could get your husband to follow suit...

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