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Get ahold of your in-box
We love seeing that little red X.

Email. The Holy Grail. Our lifeline. But how the heck do our unread messages go from 12 to 335 so fast? Wait, don?t chuck your phone. Instead, download Mailbox.

Working in tandem with your current Gmail account, Mailbox is our new favorite email-management app. Behold its genius:

Get swipe happy Welcome to the most aesthetically pleasing app ever. All actions are performed via one swiping motion (swipe right to archive or delete; swipe left to snooze--more on that in a sec--or to affix a label).

Wait, did you just say snooze? Yep. In what is quite possibly the app?s best feature, Mailbox gives you the option to save an email for later--later today, later next week, 30 days later, the list goes on. The message will then seamlessly reappear in your in-box on said date. (See ya in two weeks, Aunt Ruth.)

Speaking of chatty... There?s nothing more annoying than looking at an email chain and struggling to determine which of your boss?s requests came first. Mailbox shows all email threads in an iMessage (chat)-like format, so you'll always know what order messages arrived in.

Zero in Our one drawback? Mailbox doesn?t just count your unread messages, it counts All. Of. Them. We were overwhelmed and turned off that feature. However, Mailbox does want you to whittle down your number and provides a slew of helpful hints. Is this what therapy feels like?

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