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You've got hand sanitizer for your hands and antibacterial wipes for your kitchen. But in your pocket lurks a cell phone that can carry as many germs as the bottom of your shoes. For that, there's Violight's UV cell phone sanitizer.

Made by a company that specializes in toothbrush sanitizers, this tabletop device employs the same technology used by hospitals: a special frequency of ultraviolet light that breaks down and destroys germs' DNA. According to the company it'll destroy all sorts of bacteria, including salmonella, E. Coli, listeria and last winter's dreaded H1N1 virus.

It couldn't be easier to use: Drop your phone in, put the lid on and the twin UV bulbs do their job in a few minutes. And although it's designed for phones (particularly touch-screen smartphones) the Violight works with other small gadgets like Bluetooth headsets, mp3 players and earbuds.

There's no guarantee that you won't get sick this cold and flu season, but at least the Violight can get rid of any contagious germs on your most-used accessory.

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