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Remember when you thought meeting a boyfriend online was weird? "He could be a hunchback/murderer" your 1998 self worried.

Keep that in mind when we tell you about the newest innovation in Internet matchmaking: Modamily.

Modamily is a service that facilitates pairings between willing co-parents--men and women who want to create and raise a child together, without any romantic attachments. And we have to say we find the concept pretty cool. (It’s 2013, people.)

Basically like for baby daddies, Modamily ($30 a month) lets you browse profiles of wannabe fathers and sort by things like religious affiliation, sexual orientation, height and parenting style. (Why not agree up front when you’ll let the kid have sugar?)

You can message potential pops via the site and arrange real-life meetings as you see fit. Or sign up for the premium service ($200 for four months) and a Modamily staff member will personally help you find a partner.

As with any matchmaking site, the onus is on you to use your judgment, and you’ll probably want to consult a lawyer before having a baby with a stranger.

Still, it’s an awfully efficient way to start a nontraditional family. And we can’t help but “awww” at the inspiring success stories.

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