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Breaking up was always hard to do, but remember the days when you didn’t have to publicly change your relationship status... or unsubscribe from your former sister-in-law’s blog... or look at pictures of your ex’s weird new woman and her extensive scrunchy collection?

Here to make the process slightly less loathsome is KillSwitch, a $1 app that removes any trace of your ex from your Facebook profile--without giving him the satisfaction of a “de-friending,” of course.

Get started by downloading the app and selecting your former beau (or heinous frenemy or terrible boss) from your list of contacts. KillSwitch will then locate all the posts, comments and photos in which he’s been tagged and give you the option of deleting them en masse or carefully excising them one by one. In other words, the next time you log on to Facebook, it can be as if he never even existed.

Worried you might one day want that adorable pic of him snuggling with your cat? Fear not: KillSwitch secretly saves all of your deleted content to a hidden (though totally accessible) folder, meaning you can easily retrieve it should you ever get back together with the loser.

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