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We’ve spent a lot of time in Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment. We were there when she found the infamous Post-it. We were watching the first time she brought Aiden home. We’re pretty sure we’ve actually sat on her sofa and chowed down on takeout Chinese.

But we never knew she had three north-facing windows and a bathroom accessible from both the bedroom and the hallway--that is, until we discovered Inaki Aliste Lizarralde.

The Spanish interior designer is kind of a TV fiend, and he spends his free time making extremely detailed floor plans based on iconic television homes--think Seinfeld’s Upper West Side pad and Dexter’s Miami murder den. The resulting drawings are as beautiful as they are fascinating, and we’re a little obsessed with imagining how our favorite characters really lived. (Our latest revelation: Monica and Rachel didn’t have any closet space!)

Each to-scale rendering is hand-drawn and details all the shows’ most memorable furnishings, from the Simpsons’ brown sofa to Lucy and Ricky’s famous twin beds.

But the best part is that you can purchase Lizarralde’s exquisite creations directly from his Etsy page (prices range from $55 to $208, depending on size). In other words, you can finally get your gay best friend the Golden Girls memorabilia he deserves.

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