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You may know Jessie Randall as the mastermind behind the quirky-cool brand Loeffler Randall, but what you may not know is that she has three little tykes and an impressively domestic hubby (He makes the beds! He does the dishes!) and she loves to get outta town.

The holiday travel blitz is about to descend on us all. So before we forget to pack our hairbrush (gah!) and queue up for a seemingly endless security line, we decided to ask our favorite tastemakers for their secrets to traveling in style. Up first is Jessie the adorable.

Ladies, this girl is all laughs.

We were pleased to discover that while she packs far more shoes than we could ever imagine stuffing into our suitcase, she’s actually pretty chill about how they’re treated (no dust bags for this gal). And despite almost being arrested in the airport terminal, she says her recent vacation to Jamaica was one of her best yet--complete with the Randall boys in matching swimsuits.

To hear all of Jessie’s charming anecdotes, watch our interview. (Oh, and in case you’re wondering, you can snag our shoes right this way.)

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