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Dearest Someecards: Where would we be without you? We certainly wouldn?t have had the courage to dump that snobby ex or gently tease our favorite sanctimonious new mom.

But now we have another reason to sing your praises (and, um, email blast every person we know). Oh, hello, GIF e-cards.

The free new offering from the genius Someecard team allows you to write personalized messages over gazillions of public-domain GIFS, which range from hilarious to timely to admittedly kinda creepy.

All you have to do is search by event (birthday, workplace, confession) or recipient (mom, brother, cat) and scroll through an endless list of images until you find just the right Michelle Tanner GIF. Then add your message, send it off to the lucky person and wait for the ?You?re so funny!? texts to pour in.

Consider it the perfect way to tell a pal you?re thinking of her, thank your coworker for a job well done or give your life partner passive-aggressive household instruction.

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