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Automatic Upgrades
This woman knows how to travel.

First you’re in a traffic jam in the airport security line. Then a quick trip to pick up a magazine or seven makes you thisclose to missing the final boarding call. Next, the child behind you starts singing in Swedish. Oh, and that’s before the airline loses your luggage.

Whether you’re hopping a business flight to L.A. or jetting to Mykonos for a much-needed getaway, travel stress is generally unavoidable.

But thanks to PureWow and Hyatt, it doesn’t have to be. We asked some of our favorite worldly ladies--fashion designers, editors, event planners and more--for their best travel advice and compiled their sensible tips into one handy guide.

Presenting “Automatic Upgrades: 20 Tips for Better Travel.”

From the fashion entrepreneur who indulges in Egg McMuffins after a red-eye to the best-selling author who always brings backup reading material, these gals have nailed the ways to make any trip more pleasurable.

Check out the guide and be sure to share your own travel tips. We want to know what gets you from here to there...without slugging a TSA agent.

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