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No matter where you live, you know a Downtown Girl when you see one: She’s polished, she’s confident, she probably didn’t spend more than two minutes on her totally awesome hairstyle. And she knows her city like the back of her hand.

Here at PureWow, we strive to be Downtown Girls (sorry, Billy Joel) and we count on our city editors to lead the charge.

But what defines “downtown-ness”? Well, it means knowing about the best manicure in town and how to score a table at that hot new Frenchy-Caribbean bistro. But it also means mastering the more subtle stuff, like how to reserve a parking spot online and where to spend your downtime at the airport.

We put out a call to each of our local correspondents--Susan in New York, Dana in L.A., Amalie in Chicago, Anna in Dallas and Cristina in San Francisco--and asked them to tell us a little bit more about their favorite things to do in their fair cities.

The result? The Downtown Diaries (sponsored by DOWNTOWN Calvin Klein).

Head here to read the diaries...and don’t be surprised if you start feeling cooler just by association.

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