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Football fans, where you at? It’s that time again for crisp autumn evenings, cold brews and bright lights. There’s just one thing: Is it too much to ask for a cuter outfit come game day?

Stop fussing with terrible crewneck T-shirts (you’re not in college anymore) and get in on Slater Zorn.

This clothing line is specifically designed with team colors in mind. Regardless of your school or pro-team affiliation, you can find basic combos like red and white or navy and yellow. But don’t worry, unusual hues like burnt orange (Hook ’Em Horns) and royal purple (Geaux Tigers) are covered too.

As for the silhouettes, this is no graphic-logo situation. Instead, expect ladylike Peter Pan blouses ($175), eye-catching chevron dresses ($155), layer-ready cardigans ($175) and accent scarves for days (starting at $85). Even if you’re not so into sports, this cashmere polka-dot sweater ($325) is possibly the cutest thing we’ve seen all year. (We even wore it over our swimsuit on vacay.)

Browse around for yourself, outfit your dude and thank us for the new lucky socks in the postseason.

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