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So great, we dare you not to smile.

We?re not saying you have to give up on your beloved Oral-B, but it may not be as great as you think.

While electric toothbrushes work mechanically, cleaning only where they can reach, newbie Emmi-dent uses 100 percent ultrasound: harmless waves that reach as far as inside your gum pockets (!) to wipe away plaque and bacteria.

All you need to do is hold the brush on each tooth for five seconds (read: no brushing), and when used with the nonabrasive ?nano-bubbles toothpaste,? it even whitens teeth without the slightest trace of bleach.

After a little experimentation (and approval from our dentist), here?s why we?re recent Emmi-dent converts:

It puts floss to shame Sorry to say, but your floss isn?t cutting it. Emmi-dent ($189) cleans every crevice (sayonara, bad breath).

The bristles stay clean Did you know you?re supposed to swap out your conventional toothbrush every three months (even the head of an electric one)? Ultrasound provides an antibacterial effect, so you can limit those trips to the drugstore.

It?s like massage therapy for your mouth Got sensitive gums? Emmi-dent is so gentle, it won?t cause any irritation (or have you resorting to crazy amounts of mouthwash).

Best of all? After one extra-large coffee and a happy-hour cheese plate, we barely needed a breath mint.

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