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Remember back in middle school when all the popular girls knew how to twist-tie their shoelaces? It turned run-of-the-mill Converse into a fashion statement (and caused you hours of agita trying to figure out how they did it).

Now, it’s middle school all over again, except this time the popular girls are wearing scarves--scarves tied with a certain je ne sais quoi that’s got you befuddled in front of your mirror thinking, I loop this where?

While you could search high and low for a Pinterest tutorial on the subject, we’ve come up with a better idea. Take two minutes to watch this video that shows you exactly how to nail three covetable scarf techniques: the classic loop, the messy cowgirl and the fancy pretzel (it’s all in a name, people).

So, go! Tell everyone you know! (Or keep this little style secret all to yourself.)

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