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There’s something we want to discuss with you. It’s more personal than your bra size. It’s more titillating than your sex life. It’s more uncomfortable than that time your nephew asked if you were pregnant. (“Nope! Thanks for asking!”)

It’s your finances.

It’s not that there’s anything wrong with them per se. It’s just that while it’s socially acceptable to talk about work, relationships and the specifics of one’s dermatology appointment, for some reason money is deemed...dirty.

We beg to differ. That’s why we’re launching PureWow Money, a once-a-week email about finding the best ways to save, spend, invest and otherwise enjoy your hard-earned cash. From the app that helps you store paper receipts digitally, to the credit card that lets you earn points for charity, to an interview with a self-made businesswoman about what’s really in her wallet, we’ll bring you the coolest, most informative, most un-boring financial news there is.

Sign up now to get your weekly dose and be entered to win a trip for two to the PureWow Money launch party in New York City on October 2.

And don’t worry: We’d never ask about your bra size.

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