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At this point in our lives, we thought we had perfected the pizza-making routine: little cheese, little sauce, lots of singing along to Carla Bruni.

Then we discovered the Baking Steel ($79).

This 16-inch-by-14-inch slab of metal heats up in less time than a traditional pizza stone but at a lower temperature, resulting in a crispy, uniform cook-through. Oh, and did we mention? It produces the best eff-ing pizza we?ve ever made in our entire lives.

How good? Well, it?s crunchy on the bottom and soft and doughy around the edges, plus it has a few of those gently browned air bubbles you know and love and have never been able to reproduce at home. We could go on...but any further description might be indecent.

At 15 pounds, the Baking Steel doesn?t exactly pack light or transfer easily from stove to sink to cabinet. But hear us out: You?re actually not supposed to clean it (like, ever) and it?s slim enough to store permanently in your oven. Just preheat for about an hour, and your pizza should cook up in about 10 minutes.

The steel is also awesome for homemade pita bread and naan, and it?s worth noting that it fires up an incredible steak, which is particularly useful as outdoor-grilling season departs us.

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