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Are you properly saving for retirement? Do you have a plan for paying off your debt? Can you really afford to buy that crocodile-skin duffel bag?

If any of these questions are keeping you awake at night, then you have to sign up for Jean Chatzky’s Money School, which kicks off on September 10.

This six-week online course will help you take control of your wallet with simple, affordable, virtual classes taught in real time. Each class lasts an hour (shorter than the Bachelorette finale!) and includes a 15-minute Q&A with Ms. Chatzky herself, a.k.a. the financial editor for the Today show.

“But what will I learn?” you ask.

Well, in week one, Jean will show you how to jump-start your finances with a crash course in spending and saving. Then you’ll move on to stuff like “Budgeting Bootcamp” and “Debt Diet” (hey, it beats a no-carb diet) before finishing up with tutorials on retirement, insurance and investing. Hint: The croc duffel isn’t really an investment.

Single classes cost $50 apiece, but if you purchase the entire course, you’ll get one week free.

See? You’re saving money already.

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