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We all know that only the coolest people suggest a party game. But you’ve been playing Pictionary and Celebrity since the dawn of time.

Here, a few fab new games your friends won’t know--but will love.

Cards Against Humanity In this adults-only version of Apples to Apples ($25 or free PDF download), players draw ten white cards that say things like “Nicolas Cage” or “sexting.” One player poses a question (say, “What did I bring back from Mexico?”) and everybody else answers with their funniest white card. The questioner reads all the answers and selects a winner. Debauchery ensues.

Heads Up! This $1 iPhone game is essentially charades for the digital generation. Players take turns holding the phone to their forehead, displaying a phrase, person or action. Their teammates act out said phrase until the phone holder guesses it, which is harder than it sounds. Try pantomiming “eating an Oreo,” for instance.

SuperFight! Players mash up different characters and attributes, and then talk through the likely fight outcome. Think: a beer-goggle-wearing pterodactyl with a flamethrower versus an incontinent hipster who can teleport. Dorky? A little. Hilarious? Definitely.

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