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You really want to take an Instagram-worthy picture of your dinner. But your shrimp étouffée keeps looking like prison fare.

And as for that carefree selfie you tried to snap? You have six chins and the wild eyes of Ramona Singer.

You can do better, woman.

Watch this video to see how to take more attractive smartphone pictures, and read on for more useful tips.

For Kids and Pets
- Get down on their level: Rover rarely looks good from on high. (Same goes for a 2-year-old.)
- Be mobile: If you’re in one place, you’re going to take the same picture ten times over.

For Friends and Family
- The answer to the age-old question: Have them face you with their backs to the sun. Backlighting is what separates professional photogs from, well, everyone else in the world. Hint: Find the light by holding your hand up to the sky.
- Get your subjects moving: This will help combat that stiff, hand-on-the-hip stuff.

For Food and Drinks
- Style your shots: Sprinkle some sugar around the side of your latte or artfully drape your napkin next to your plate.

For Selfies
- Prep and frame on-screen. That way you’ll know exactly how you look before you take the pic.
- Hold the camera above eye level. And watch as all of your chins disappear.

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