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Did you know that most people can stay focused for only about 20 minutes at a time? And for those of us who live on the Internet, it?s more like a millisecond before... you... must... mustard... Dijon... Beyoncé...

Wait, what were we saying?

Oh, right. Life is distracting. And here to help is Focus@will, a new music streaming service ($4 per month after 100 free minutes) that?s designed to make you buckle down and concentrate.

The cool part is the science behind the technology--namely a UCLA study that shows that while the brain naturally tunes out every 20 minutes, certain types of music can trick the limbic system into doing otherwise. Even more interesting: You probably work best to music that you hear but are not actively enjoying.

To that end, all Focus@will tunes have been selected and remixed to deliver the precise length, speed, intensity and, yes, blandness optimal for staying in the zone.

To get started, plug in your desired work time and preferred musical genre (classical, up tempo, ?alpha chill,? etc.). The app will then stream a seamless playlist of focus-ready jams.

We tried it for the recommended 100-minute cycle and were completely sold. We found a groove, stayed on task and hardly thought about Beyoncé at all.

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