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The Lash Hurrah
"Three new eye-opening experiences."

If we?re being honest, we haven?t tried a new mascara in years (we?re true-blue Diorshow fans, duh). But sometimes a new product bats its lashes and we can?t help but turn our head.

Here, three new mascaras that are reinvigorating our makeup bag:

The showoff The first time we saw this mascara wand in action, we knew it had to be a good thing. Zoom-In Ultimate Mascara ($8), from Drew Barrymore?s debut cosmetic line, Flower, has a straight wand that delivers an amazing lengthening effect. But then...magic. Twist the top and suddenly the wand swirls to become a curling and volumizing tool. Gimmicks aside, this stuff really works.

The hidden talent Hate the dry feeling of waterproof mascara but not willing to don pseudo black eyes? Welcome, By Terry Lash-Coat ($40). Essentially a topcoat for your eyelashes, this clear gel goes over your normal mascara to seal it and prevent smears. It washes off easily and is so light we?ve been applying it daily--even with no threat of water or tears in sight.

The real deal False eyelashes have become surprisingly mainstream, but sometimes we need a super-quick lash fix (as in under five seconds). Look no further than Benefit?s They?re Real! ($23), which mimics the effect of fake lashes with just one swipe.

Wink, wink.

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