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How refreshing would it be to open your closet and proudly state that you treasure every item? Well, we don?t know about you, but we can barely name every piece we own, let alone justify that velvet shift dress.

Cuyana is here to change our perspective.

With the mantra ?fewer, better things,? Cuyana is a clothing brand determined to alter how we look at fast-fashion. Each season, Cuyana introduces a collection filled with classic pieces to round out any wardrobe (hello, buttery leather handbags and shirtdress cover-ups). All items are inspired by a certain country, crafted with materials sourced from that locale and sold exclusively on the site (read: zero markup). We?re currently stocking up on seasonal necessities from the Summer in Turkey collection. Next up for fall? Alpaca sweaters la Peru.

But what really captivates us is Cuyana?s new Lean Closet Movement. In order to galvanize women to live simply, Cuyana sends a bag along with every purchase. Simply fill it with items from your closet that you no longer want and mail it back (a prepaid shipping label is included); Cuyana will then distribute your goods to vetted nonprofits like Clothes4Souls. As a bonus, every donation is rewarded with a $10 Cuyana credit.

Because sometimes when things don?t add up, the only thing left to do is subtract.

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