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"Dream kitchen, here you come"

If you’ve ever endured a home renovation, then you know how bleeping exasperating the process can be. (It costs $7,000 to move a pipe two feet?)

Here to help is HomeZada, a free new Web app for staying organized and sane(ish).

Think of HomeZada as your online repository for everything house-related. Upon signing up, you’ll be prompted to enter your abode’s basic stats--location, number of rooms and so on--and do things like catalog home inventory and schedule basic repairs.

But most useful, we think, is the ability to micromanage home-improvement projects.

Say you have a fabulous kitchen remodel on the brain. You can keep the plan organized (and easily shareable with your husband/contractor/nosy mother) by starting a new HomeZada project. The site will walk you through setting a budget, determining a timeline, uploading important documents (contracts, design plans, warranties) and listing all the stuff you need to do and buy, with a monetary allotment for each line item. Then, as you make purchases, you can check things off your list and adjust your project’s finances accordingly.

There’s also a place to store all of your inspirational photos and general design notes, so everything is at your fingertips.

As for the $7,000 pipe quote? Maybe get a second opinion on that one.

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