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On a typical weekend, are you:

(a) Cleaning your basement?
(b) Antiquing with your mother-in-law?
(c) Staying in a luxury Manhattan hotel with three of your besties?

If your answer is anything but (c), then you?ve got to sign up for the Patrón Social Club.

Once you sign up, you can start posting tips to the Patrón Summer Map (which is essentially a really rad to-do list). And by posting, you?re automatically entered into Patrón?s Best Weekend Ever sweepstakes. The winner will get to bring three friends to a mystery location for a weekend?s worth of utter fabulousness.

This year?s ?Best Weekend? details are very hush-hush, but we can tell you the itinerary from last year.

Here it goes: Four friends from Atlanta were whisked away to a super-fancy hotel in New York (yes, they stayed in the penthouse). There, they were welcomed with cocktails and massages before dinner at Gordon Ramsey?s Maze and dancing at Apothéke in Chinatown. Over the next few days, they did things like tour the city in a helicopter (No biggie) and kick it front-row style at a Bruce Springsteen concert.

Folks, this could be you.

Sign up now--and get somebody else to help with that basement.

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