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We’re all for aging gracefully, but when it comes to clothing, we simply cannot stand a single wrinkle. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to learn how to pack like a pro:

Pick a Personality Just as the überstylish often convey variations of the same theme, try choosing one look and sticking to it. Maybe you’re a French gallery owner (all striped shirts, gray sweaters and oxfords) or an L.A. movie mogul (two maxi dresses, one leather jacket and a two-piece suit). Whatever it is, it will help to keep your suitcase pared down.

Use the Rolling Technique You’ll fit in 30 percent more stuff (and keep everything wrinkle-free). Just watch this video.

Squeeze the Air Out Ziplock bags are good for preventing spills, but if you really want to save your toiletries from leaking, follow these instructions: (1) Open bottle. (2) Squeeze some air out. (3) While still squeezing, cap the bottle (this creates a vacuum). (4) Behold, an unbreakable seal.

Bring an Extra Bag Once the weekend ends, you don’t want to mix dirty laundry with that cardigan you never wore (tsk, tsk). Toss a plastic bag into your suitcase to keep your clean clothes separated.

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